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01 Inconspicuous protection

It looks like a standard partition, but offers maximum protection: at its core, SEQSYSTEM consists of ultra-strong armour steel – bullet-proof throughout, without any weak points and certified to the highest international standards.

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02 Individual design

It adapts modestly to its surroundings. SEQSYSTEM’s bullet-proof steel core is concealed behind top-quality design materials – real wood, stone panels, textile coverings or plastic – entirely in keeping with customer preferences. It gives you a good feeling of space, without any unnecessary irritants.

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03 Mobile modular system

Reliable protection, right where you need it.
Thanks to its compact individual components, SEQSYSTEM can easily be carried by two persons and set up wherever you want it – no crane or lifting platform required.

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04 Ease of assembly

2 pairs of hands and 10 minutes are all you need. SEQSYSTEM is a unique system consisting of vertical posts with wall modules suspended between them. You can assemble it in next to no time, without any need of special knowledge or additional tools.

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